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Why The Name?

When I first started this business, it was an exciting but frightening next step professionally. I wanted to name it something that inspired me, and felt meaningful. I landed on the name of the place my grandparents lived. It felt like a boutique name; maybe a little hipster and like it had style. As we grew, Apartment Two didn't quite fit anymore, but I didn't want to lose the significance. Thus we became A2 Events. A simple straightforward name with a legacy and heritage to back it up.

Apartment Two's origins: Heritage is important to me. My grandparents lived in apartment two. It was small with a bedroom for the grandkids, a cute back patio, and it was just down the way from the beach. But that’s not why it was special. Apartment two was filled with vibrant love and family pride. My grandmother would wave to us from the front porch as we drove away every single time, and my grandfather was always offering us things to eat (mostly junk food), making up new jokes and songs for us, or buying us new things. They made everyone feel special, but especially their grandkids. We were cherished.

They worked extremely hard, they gave wise advice, they were self made and incredibly sharp… they built a life from nothing after moving here from Cuba and then shared it with incredible generosity with those they loved. They had unwavering faith in us, and gave us everything. And they changed the color of my life.. Apartment two represents their belief in me, an incredibly rich heritage.

Over the last few years

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