Erin Branham

the boss

Erin is our Founder and President. As the daughter of the founder of Ballet Palm Beach, Erin grew up learning everything from production to logistic coordination. Graduating from the University of Miami in 2006, she began her career working for a local non-profit and found her knack for planning as she executed their large scale events. Working to plan and promote festivals, retreats, banquets, and national conferences, she was able to help the organization rebrand and grow.


After multiple people approached her to plan events for other organizations, she founded "Apartment Two" events. Six years into her business, now just called A2 Events, she can say "we" have grown substantially. As our clients, our programs, and staff have grown, she still loves to work through the details, make goals, propose marketing strategies, and meet with every client.

 She currently lives in Fort Lauderdale with her husband Jimmy and her two beautiful daughter, Isabelle and Evelyn. When she is not working, you can find her traveling with her family or hanging with them on the beach.


Random Fact: Erin

Erin has had a gin & tonic in a majority of the 50 states. She thinks New York had the best one.



the springboard

Matt moved to South Florida after he graduated from Indiana University. Spending the past few years leading teams all around the world has garnered him the reputation as being the “guy in the know,” restaurant recommendations to the best spots to snorkel, to even the best spot to sit on a particular plane, Matt can help you find it. He and his wife Carmen are always on the hunt for the next place to “go experience,” whether that is across the street or half way around the world. His passion for sharing in experiences with others makes him a great fit for A2.

As “Director of Development and Creative Projects” he's able to use his incredible knowledge to help us continue to be creative and innovative


Random Fact: Matt

Matt has flown over a million miles traveling the world. He likes ATL, SIN & AMS airports the most. 

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the go-getter

Lili is our business development & sales manager.  As a graduate from Florida Atlantic University with a degree in Hospitality Management, Lili adds an extra level of industry expertise to the A2 team. She grew up on the west coast of Florida near Tampa. She may be newly graduated but Lili joins us with a lot of hands-on experience in the industry as she has been working for some of the best event companies in South Florida (including us as an A2 intern!). Like the rest of the team, Lili is a world traveler and a lover of good food, good drink, and good times.


What is a Brand Ambassador?

A2 has been fortunate that our capacity to serve our clients has not been affected by Covid. We created the brand ambassador program to help our clients, our partners & our neighbors know we are here for them, and have a full team ready to help them craft successful programs. As a brand, we have worked hard to develop a reputation for turning challenges into opportunities. We know our new BAs will help us reach our goal of becoming one of the most trusted names in the event industry.


Random Fact: Lili

Lili has spent the night on the rim of of an active volcano. She said she is always cold at night.


the steady hand

Susan helps keep us organized as A2's Operations ManagerShe grew up in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. People always say, "Oh, Oshkosh B'gosh?" And yes, that is the home of the overalls. She attended the University of Minnesota where she received a B.A. in Theatre Arts. Since then she has lived in Atlanta, South Carolina, back to Minneapolis, Alabama, and then Chicago.

Having moved so much, she became quite good at renovating, buying, and selling real estate. Since 2010 she has taken root here in South Florida where she is married to her husband Eric and raises her daughter, Elizabeth. In her free time she enjoys yoga, long walks with her Miniature Poodle Henri, reading, cooking, and travel. 


Random Fact: Susan

Susan has a story for everything, including the one time she flew on the Concord with Van Halen. 




the quick draw

Val is our Director of Sales and Events. She was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale and is a proud graduate of The University of Florida. After graduating, she moved to Atlanta where she worked in sales, while she loved the city and southern hospitality, she was happy to return back to sunny South Florida in 2017.


After impressing us all through the  A2 internship, we were thrilled when she accepted our offer to join the team full time. She is known for her creativity, organizational skills, and incredibly fast email response time.


 In her free time she loves exploring all that Fort Lauderdale has to offer, from it's newest restaurants and bars to the constant events happening in FAT Village and beyond!


Random Fact: Val

Val has danced on stage with Flo Rida & had sushi with Blink 182. Blink 182 was at another table.