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Top 3 Reasons to Visit The Fair!

Everyone knows the best few weeks of the year are those that lead to the ability to indulge in those crazy rides, break your diet and just enjoy some good quality time with friends and family. We're all aware that the Fair is the only place we can feel guilt free about everything! So here are the top 3 reasons you should indulge:

#1. Food, Food and More Food! To get started, right away we jump into those guilty pleasures. The main attraction of the fair aren't the rides or circus acts, it’s by far the junk food. The fair is the only place you can get just about anything fried. From Cheese, to Kool-aid, to Oreos, you can have any of these treats. Every time you turn around just feet away from you there’s a new fried food! You can eat your way through every corner of the fair. Along with the classics like Funnel cakes, there’s also multiple types of meat on a stick and of course Fair Lemonade. Fair food is nostalgic and downright iconic. The pricing might not be great, but at the fair those few minutes of bliss we get from these sweet treats makes it all worth it!

#2. Rides Galore! On top of food, rides are the next best thing at the fair. There’s something to keep everyone in the family occupied, from children’s coasters, to teenage adrenaline pumpers. Everyone will enjoy the multitude of rides the fair has to offer. So buckle up and head on in line, but make sure you reach the height requirement.

#3. Those Pesky Kiosks! Last but certainly not least, those pesky, nagging kiosks! Yeah, you know the ones! Where the clown insults your throwing skills at the dunk tank, the man tries to compliment you to get you to spend money at the booth, and especially the ones that appeals to the kids. I’m referring to the one that offers your wide eyed kids the goldfish, that you really don’t want them to have, but you can’t say no; Those! A fair isn’t a fair without the game kiosks, it appeals to our competitive nature and it adds to the atmosphere in the fair. It makes it fun, and that’s ultimately what were there for.

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