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Being "in the know"

Did you know that A2 events has someone dedicated to making sure we are “in the know.”

We at A2 Events think that having a “locals” level of knowledge and appreciation of a region is key to our ability to make our events successes. Many of our loyal clients will tell you they continue to chose us because we don't just know how to execute an amazing event, launch party, meeting, conference, etc but we really know and love the neighborhoods/cities/regions where we work.

For us, knowing the nuances of a location is key. We want to be an ample knowledge base for our clients. The difference between an event that goes well and an event that “wows” is often times based on the nuances of perfectly matching clients needs/wants with the places, things, people and service that can not only exceed those expectations, but provide the things a client didn’t even know they needed. So, when a client wants to talk coffee, we want to know the best coffee places in the city. When a client wants to talk hotels, we don't have to “google,” we know them (because we have prob stayed there). When a client wants to talk martinis, we know the places with the best ones (because we have gone and tried, a perk of the job). We could keep going, but you get it.

Many companies can help you or your organization execute a perfectly adequate event. But A2 Events can help you throw an event, meeting, conference, etc that makes people say “wow, that was awesome.”

Due to our "locals" knowledge, we are constantly asked by clients, friends and family “where should I go in…” Well, we hear ya… So, in an effort to help answer, we are going to actually start using this nifty blog function on our website to talk about our favorite things around the globe. Hooray for us!

In fact, to continually make us better, we have a person dedicated to knowing all the “ins and outs” of where we do events. His name is Matt Childers and he is our Director of Location Research. And guess what, we started him an insta (that’s Instagram for the non millennials among us) so he can post some of his “research” pics. So, come join in as we continually discover everything from where to eat/drink to how to adventure well. Buckle your seatbelts partners, because we do a lot of research.

So, make sure to

follow our new Insta:


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