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Winter at A2 Events

We had a very busy but wonderful winter here at A2! December was all about unique & innovative events, two of our favorites being an ‘80s Under the Sea Prom’ themed holiday party, and the other an event technology showcase (fondly referred to as FATNAPP). Both of these took place in the community that A2 Events calls home: Flagler Arts & Technology Village. We were thrilled to bring these two groups to our funky little part of town, and it was amazing to see how the same blank space could be transformed into two completely different events! Keep scrolling to see how each turned out.

'Under the Sea '80s Prom' Holiday Party

There is nothing we enjoy more than when our clients want an out-of-the-box event that challenges us to get creative, and this holiday party did just that. So when our client said they wanted an '80s Prom Holiday Party that was also the 'Under the Sea' themed...we brought in a big yellow school bus. And a cheerleading squad. And a mermaid. And crowned a Prom King & Queen. And then we topped it all off with a surprise pizza delivery at the end of the night. To say this was one of the most unique & fun events we've planned to date would be an understatement. We can't wait for what idea they dream up next!

Miami to Margaritaville

When our clients coming from Brazil told us they wanted their event to feel like Miami, we knew we wanted to incorporate bright colors, our favorite neon signs, and tropical touches throughout. We painted pineapples to act as centerpieces, featured our favorite white Flora chargers from Tabletop Rentals, and lit the ballroom up with fun palm tree gobo projections. Guests also loved taking pictures with Rosie the Flamingo over at our 'Greetings' photo backdrop. We definitely brought the Miami feel over to Margaritaville for this event!

FATNAPP: FATVillage Not A Holiday Party, Party

A2 was among many sponsors who came together to throw this event. The focal point of the night was the amazing projection mapping synchronized with music and projected onto a Hummer, executed by our friends at Media Stage. We were so impressed by their work! You can watch the full projection mapping video below:

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