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Choose Your Own Adventure

What to do when every event for a year goes virtual? We had lots of ideas, and we definitely had some trial and error, but we finally came up with a solution last summer... Enter Boxes by A2. Our pivot plan has sustained us (did we mention, we still have a full team?!), made our clients happy, and kept us all busy this last year... SRSLY, check out this last pack up of 500 fabulous boxes!

And now we're pretty pumped about the latest and greatest offering for virtual event boxes... Not sure what your attendees want the most? Let them choose for themselves from a customized Shopify store. Each guest can choose from items you preselect and then the items get shipped directly to attendees. You don't even have to collect mailing address as each person fills it in.

The best part? You can still offer complete customization: from a quantity of items they can choose, to a price point, to branded items, to custom printed boxes, each experience is unique!

This is one pandemic pivot that we'll be holding on to forever!

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