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Drive-Ins Reinvented

We're working tirelessly to bring events back to life through safe & socially distanced, but just as exciting experiences. Inspired by the many successful drive-in movie theaters we've seen pop up throughout South Florida, A2 is ready to create a unique version of the drive-in movie.

Movies, music and the arts are essential to our team at A2. They help us dream and inspire us to think creatively about events. From action packed blockbuster movies to a classical ballet to music in our office everyday, we feel the value of surrounding ourselves with aspirational inspirations. And it got us thinking, why can't we take the drive-in movie concept and apply it to events for our clients?!

We love the idea of taking a vintage experience & modernizing it for 2020. From roaming entertainment to food trucks & upgraded lounge seating, A2 is excited to help you feel close to your people even from six feet apart.

We can help you organize everything from the tech to the logistics. We can assist in scouting the perfect location to host an incredible movie night, concert, drive-through awards night or even drive-through haunted houses! Big or small A2 is here to help us go back to the drive-in. 

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