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Employee Appreciation

During times of crisis, we recognize the need to help each other out. We at A2 Events believe that now more than ever, employees need to know they're appreciated and cared for. It's why we've begun offering innovative ways to do so even during social distancing. Here are some of our ideas that we can execute for you:

- Office deliveries like: Custom cookie trays or catered family meals - Care package/kits to help staff relax at home 

- Fun branded swag to use during zoom calls - Food truck/on site chef (with social distancing marks mapped out and masks used at all times) - Sidewalk art or live art creation outside of essential business offices

- Surprise gifts left on cars whether at their homes or in employee lot - Celeb thank you video created for staff

- Hosted online games show, or group game like trivia

- Social distance beach created in the employee parking lot

- On-site happy hour, with a bartender who creates custom cocktails for each person

OR take advantage of our new offering... Party pods - a party in a box by A2 that can be customized and sent to each employee

Best of all, the A2 planning hours are free during the COVID-19 pandemic. We can either waive the charges or donate the fees back to a charitable cause. Give us a shout, and let's get started planning!

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