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Good Things Really Do Come in Small Packages

We've always known at A2 that great things come in small packages... our team is small but mighty, after all. And as we get back to doing live events we're seeing a big trend: the Micro-Event.

We have now successfully executed micro-events, and we're here to say that sometimes bigger just isn't better!

Micro-events an incredible example of how design is all about the place where beauty and function meet. We've always believed that we need to meet challenges by thinking outside the box. And 2020 has certainly given us the chance to practice innovation! When we worked on our most recent micro event, we got the opportunity to add tons of details that we normally wouldn't in a huge group. When you take the same budget and reconfigure it for a smaller group, things get fun!

A micro-event doesn't just need to be a scaled down size version of the event, it can also be taking a large event and then creating various small, socially safe, local ordinance following events that will obviously look different, but still accomplish goals.

Whatever your next program is in 2021, let A2 help you design it to meet your goals with an innovative approach! You give us the box, and we promise to build something fabulous for you.

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