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It's Oh-Fish-Al!

For six years it has been our pleasure to work with SFBTA and welcome attendees to the historic & beautiful Boca Resort. This long term and wonderful client let us run with some very fun themes this year, and we couldn’t be happier with how things came together!

We were onsite for four days ensuring that this program came together exactly how the client pictured it. Our favorite part about SFBTA is their commitment to giving back to charity. They devoted an entire evening of their conference to Parkinson’s funding this year, and raised over $36,000!

The first night of the conference was the “Oh-Fish-Al Welcome Party.” We wanted to keep a bit of nautical inspiration in the color scheme while also bringing the fun! We along with the clients chose to make the reception an indoor/outdoor function this year, and we think the flow was perfect. Based on feedback, the attendees did too!

For the closing dinner, we had to move last minute from the Grand Lawn onto the Porte Cochere due to mud from some early morning rain. But the weather cleared up with plenty of time to keep the event outdoors, and for that we were thankful. The theme was “Orange You Glad…” and the pictures say it all!

After these back-to-back programs, our team finally got some much needed rest. But not for long, because our next event was just a few days later!

Stay tuned for more awesomeness from the Neon Jungle…

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