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Museum Style Events

As people begin to meet again, we're seeing the rise of micro weddings and conferences. We know that eventually, we'll have no restrictions on how many people can be in a room together (although, we're big fans of handwashing no matter what year it is), but for now, in many places, the limit to group size is keeping us in a micro-event world.

Let A2 take your big celebration and shrink it down to groups of ten in a museum-style flow. Inspired by the Museum of Ice Cream, Color Factory, and other Instagram museums, we can design a variety of rooms for attendee groups to flow through. By adding sanitizing as each group leaves the room, and utilizing creative mini-bite catering and pre-made drinks, we can limit person to person contact without limiting fun!

We can transform an existing multi-room venue or even a large ballroom or warehouse into your very own themed museum. Even though the rooms might not be able to include the iconic sprinkle pool or ball pit, there are still lots of low-touch experiences to be featured.

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