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New Offerings: Virtual Meetings & Team Builders

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

NEW! A2 is now offering virtual meeting services in response to COVID-19

Now that we've actually found out which of those meetings could have been an email and we're getting used to zoom calls and google chats, we want to help you keep it fresh!

We're working on some ways to make sure you all can still motivate your teams and have some fun. It's been amazing collaborating with vendors to innovate new offerings. This week we tried out virtual trivia, and it was a HIT! 

Most services below are offered with the work of one to three vendors. Many of these vendors that we've partnered with have also added a give back element.

Best of all, the A2 planning hours are free during the COVID-19 pandemic. Give us a shout, and let's get started planning!

  • State of the Union CEO Presentations with Full Studio Production

  • Virtual Reality & Animation Additions to Zoom meetings

  • Cooking Classes or Competitions with ingredients delivered to participants

  • Baking lessons with ingredients + special surprise delivered to participants

  • Trivia Team Building with Themed Questions and individual or team participation 

  • Zoom Motivational Speakers with industry specific messages about coping with times of crisis.

  • Flower Arranging Classes 

  • Mind Games Team Building Competition

  • Deal or No Deal virtual game featuring live actors with suitcases and emcee

  • Guided Meditations & More

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