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Pop-Ups & Pack-Ups

One of the exciting things that popped up on A2’s radar last year (yes, even in 2020 good things were happening) was the opportunity to work with Primark. As one of Europe’s (and now the USA’s) most-loved retailers, we were beyond excited when we received an email from their team. They are known for their creativity & unique position in their industry, so we were confident it would be a great fit!

While we the consumers typically just get the pleasure of shopping in their beautiful stores, we now know that the logistics that go into creating that experience are truly incredible. Part of expanding, of course, includes hiring thousands of people, but where do you conduct that hiring process? Well, that’s where we came in for some on-the-ground help!

And so in mid-2020, we assisted Primark with the design & execution of a multi-week hiring pop-up shop. Our first project was the transformation of a former cell phone store next to the then under-construction store. Typically, we are able to work hand-in-hand with our clients as we transform spaces, but it was 2020, so we worked at a safe & socially distanced 1,500 miles apart, from SFL to Boston. Despite the many miles between us, the collaboration was there (they're a total pleasure to work with!) - together we were able to transform the cell store into a safe & welcoming space that showcased the Primark brand & achieved their desired outcomes.

After a few weeks, we packed everything up & got ready to do it all again...this time in Chicago! We also were able to collaborate on the grand opening of the Sawgrass Primark store. One of our biggest goals is to have repeat clients, it makes us feel like we must be doing something right, so you can imagine our delight!

In Chicago, this time we were also able to assist in sourcing the recruitment center location, and we found a perfect fit within the Kimpton Gray Hotel: a former hair salon on the second floor, just blocks from their future store, served as the perfect blank canvas to transform. We were so happy with the way it turned out & that it was just as successful as the SFL location!

Helping our clients creatively address the challenges life & business can throw at them is one of the driving forces that propel our team. 2020 only increased that drive in us, which is one of the many reasons why the future looks bright from our humble opinions.

So as your company thinks about its events, retreats, client appreciation, pop-ups, venue research, event logistics & anything else event related, we guarantee we have an idea for you!

Next stop, Pennsylvania... see you soon, Primark Philly!

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