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Past Events at Eau Palm Beach

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

These are a few of our favorite events we've worked with at Eau Palm Beach

Splash Mob & More!

Multi Day Conference - This group had multiple dinners, activities, and lots of entertainment including a splash mob!

Jonathan Adler Inspired Event - Even though the group had to weather back up, it still was amazing. Take a look at those details!

Take Me to the Tiki Bar

In May, we had the pleasure of working with a group of executives for a multi-day conference. Being back in person was thrilling for us, and for attendees too. We forgot how much we love what we do!!

The group stayed at the Eau and we loved showing them some of Palm Beach's most iconic spots. On the final night, we took advantage of the Eau's outdoor ocean terrace space and created a tiki event complete with real leis.

We used mix and match seating and these fun faux palms. Some of the other details included: tiki totem end tables, hula dancers, and tiki cups for the signature cocktail. We're so excited to be meeting again and can't wait for the next event!

Nautical & Ocean Inspired Looks

We're constantly reinventing looks to give a nod to our beautiful location. Here are two very different ways to bring the ocean vibes in.

Stripes but Make it Elegant

This client had two major requests: NO flowers, and something upscale with stripes. The end result? They loved it!

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