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Taking it to the Bank

Our goal this year is 'Seeing it All in 20/20' (we do like our puns), and we are off to a good start! As of writing this post, we have over 10 work trips planned on 2 continents and in 8 cities for more than 25 programs and counting. Our iCalendars have a grey dot on nearly every single day for the next three months, but we feel like that's a good problem to have :)

As we all know, on February 2nd, J. Lo had an amazing concert, and we heard some people played football as well. We, like many of you, were super busy in the weeks leading up to and during Super Bowl weekend. Many hours were spent by our team trekking all over South Florida to make some 'wow' happen for our clients. While we surely had some obstacles along the way, we think it's safe to say that our events turned out fab, and we were pumped to be involved with such a major moment for the city of Miami.

Taking it All the Way to the Bank.

For us, Super Bowl weekend was all about transforming unconventional spaces. We feel like this might just be becoming our 'thing'.

First up was the Dupont Building in Miami. We assisted our client in transforming the beautiful 1930s style bank into a VIP ticket pickup/willcall. We actually met this client while they were on their site tour of the venue, and we definitely feel like it was meant to be!

For game day itself, we found a spot for ticket pickup as close to the stadium as possible. It may come as no surprise that the second space was not as naturally beautiful as the first. This space was also an old bank, but this one was in a strip mall and had been abandoned for over a year. And because of a very last minute issue with our original outdoor venue (it's a long told over a drink), we found this new venue, completely reworked our original plan, and executed it all in about 72 hours. Sounds stressful, right? It was, but performing under pressure is what we do!

Here's the before (well, after we had our cleaning crew in):

And After (voila!):

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