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Wardrobe Change | about our new design language

In 2013, A2 was started in the living room of our boss, Erin Branham. Since then, our brand has grown from a small home business to an award-winning event company. Our company has changed immensely in the past few years and we wanted our brand design language to change with it. Recent global events have given our team the extra time… ehh... opportunity to think about it. 

Design Notes 

We modernized the script with one that is a bit bolder and easier to read when printed out/projected. This has become more important as our logo is starting to show up on a lot of sponsorship, awards, etc type pages. 

Easter Eggs 

The script bleeds together to begin the outline of a heart because our heart is in our work. 

We moved the word “events” outside the

box to signify that our events are, you

guessed it, out of the box. It also makes for

a minimalist logo if we just do the "A2”


Variations of the logo

We wanted our logo to have multiple variations so that it can be used in many different ways depending on context.

Easter Egg 

A2 is on top of events. Just say it a couple times, you will get the, not so, subtle message ;) 

The New Colors 

Our color has always been purple and we wanted to keep it that way. We chose a slightly deeper purple to signify our brand's deeper experience and age. Like wine, we are getting better and better with age. Alongside our new signature purple color, we chose complementary colors to enhance visuals when needed. See it all in action on our new site.

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